Bhutan ~ Himalayan Odyssey

father and his daughter at pele la, bhutan.

We were stuck in heavy rain at pele la on our way to Trongsa before Bumthang. There were two shops run by ladies for selling items at this highest point. Both had wrapped up their shops due to rain, but we took shelter there. One of the lady also had this small hotel run here and looking outside the window were her husband and daughter. In most of the places we stayed, had food, shops or pubs, all run by women here. I hardly seen men working in these. They normally, I suppose, are out doing other works outside.

bhutan landscapes

The mist was rising heavily and fast from beneath the valley around the edges after the heavy rain. We just survived few landsliding boulders that we saw on road just after pele la. The small farm lands scraping the forest and occasional houses there adoring these beautiful hills were quite a sight all along.

waterfall by roadside

Waterfall by roadside - As I mentioned earlier, there were always mountains on one side while driving through bhutan. That also means that you get to see too many small small waterfalls all along the route. This one was gushing with water and I could not resist stopping here briefly. The only problem was, all these places were having prayer flags all around them almost strangling these waterfalls. Somehow, could avoid them being included here in this frame.

bhuta landscapes

A Small village by the hillside on our way to Trongsa from Pele la.

bhutan landscapes

A House, the hill and clouds...

bhutan landscapes

Farms and houses by side of hills and valleys

Child at Trongsa

This little girl in proper bhutanese dress was standing all there all the time watching me. I asked the hotel owner there and he asked her if it is ok to take her photograph, she said YES but without giving or changing her same expression... the light drizzling added the rest drama.

roads at pele la, Bhutan

The serpentine roads just before the final climb of pele la on the way to Trongsa. It started raining heavily after this point.

hydroelectric power plant near Trongsa

This is one of the biggest hydro-electric power plant of bhutan near Trongsa. You can see a small tunnel and few trucks parked near to it looking smaller than ants. you get an idea of that huge landscape marred in dense forest for the project. bhutan has excessive power and its one the high revenue earning export segment for them.

bikes in rain in pele la, bhutan

The bikes were getting a heavy treatment from rain while we were resting in the small hotel there sipping hot tea and eating hot maggie.

young boy form bhutan

This young boy was carrying this heavy load up above the mountain and had stopped here for a brief rest in shade. He was more than happy to get clicked when I asked him.

bhutan landscapes

The rain delayed us but the roads were all shining with water remains, serpentine turns and mist rising through valleys.

misty roads at pele la, bhutan.

the roads were beautifully mistful after the heavy rains.

bhutan landscapes

While returning from Paro, we faced the major clouds while coming down the valley with zero visibility. But, when it was time to clear it up, we could see what beautiful drama was unfolding with clouds acting as veil over the forest and teasing us showing its beauty in glimpses such as this... A Perfect end to Beautiful journey for a week...

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