Tirunelveli Road Trip - Tamilnadu, India.

Tirunelveli road trip to shoot the windmill landscapes was one of the most fulfilling journey in recent times.
the search for a windmill farms, the sunset colours, the sudden downpour and then clear sky, a small trek up the hill for view and lot of birds.
All of this was on offer for a very short and fulfilling trip.
Thanks to Rithwik, Nara, OTR and our beloved Skoda Fabia for a wonderful company and time throughout the journey.

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 300mm F4, 1.4TC, Tripod


1. The sun and the windmills.


2. The moon and the windmills


3. The evening sky


4. The lightening and the windmill


5. The sunset hues


6. windmill and cloudy evening at sunset.

clouds sunset

7. The clouds gathering at sunset

clouds sunset lightening

8. The wind and lightening

windmill clouds sunset lightening

9. The clouds gathering at sunset

windmill farms

10. The windmill and lightening streak


11. The windmill with lone palm tree


12. The windmill in windmill farm


13. The windmill against mountain backdrop


14. The windmill farming


15. The windmill landscapes

grey francolin

16. The Grey Francolin(Francolinus pondicerianus


17. The Indian Peafowl - male (Pavo cristatus) in a farm by roadside

garden lizard

18. The Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor) watching over its territory from top

peacock in farms

19. The Indian Peafowl - male (Pavo cristatus) running in a farm by roadside

peacock crossing road

20. The Indian Peafowl - female (Pavo cristatus) crossing a busy road

black ibis portrait

21. The indian black ibis (The Red-naped Ibis) (Pseudibis papillosa) portrait

22. The Indian Peafowl - male (Pavo cristatus) dancing to impress females and shoo away other male peafowls challenge.

peacock dancing

23. The indian black ibis (The Red-naped Ibis) (Pseudibis papillosa) digging food from ground

black ibis

24. The tree and sunset clouds and lightening

lightening and sunset

25. The black clouds separated the blue sky from orange at sunset

lightening and sunset

26. The lightened tree

lightening and sunset

27. The dark clouds gathering at sunset separating blue sky from orange one.

lightening and sunset

Do not forget to write about how you liked them below. Thanks for the time spent here.