Kaas - The Flowering plateau, Satara, Maharashtra.

Kaas is a plateau in western ghats situated near Satara city. This is just 120km from Pune by road.
The plateau is famous for the flowering season that starts at the end of the monsoon showers.
The plateau gives a feeling as such someone has spread the different colored carpets on the green floor.
The flowering season lasts just over a month and one can witness very unique flowers here and some of them are endemic.
I had got very limited time of few hours and was little late to reach. I wish to come back here, soon !!!

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 400D, Canon 24-105mm, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro.

The misty morning of kaas

1. The misty morning of kaas.

Impatiens oppositifolia

2. Impatiens oppositifolia

flowerscape of kaas

3. The flowerscape

Smithia hirsute kaas

4. Smithia hirsute

Murdannia lanuginosa kaas

5. Murdannia lanuginosa

The tree and blossom on the ground kaas

6. The tree and blossom on the ground.

Senecio grahami kaas

7. Senecio grahami

Senecio grahami kaas

8. Senecio grahami

Impatiens oppositifolia scape kaas

9. Impatiens oppositifolia scape

Senecio grahami kaas

10. Senecio grahami

neanotis lancifolia taraguchha kaas

11. neanotis lancifolia (Marathi : taraguchha)

Cynotis Tuberosa kaas

12. Cynotis Tuberosa

tiger beetles kaas

13. The mating pair of Tiger Beetles.

Utricularia purpurascens kaas

14. Utricularia purpurascens

landscape kaas

15. The sun was playing hide and seek our mountain range and lake.

Senecio grahami kaas

16. Senecio grahami in BnW Scape.

 Utricularia purpurascens kaas

17. Utricularia purpurascens.

Impatiens oppositifolia kaas

18. Impatiens oppositifolia

kaas pond landscape

19. The small lake (kaas lake) on the plateau in BnW.

Senecio grahami scape kaas

20. Senecio grahami scape.

kaas landscape

21. The kaas flowering and valley beside.

Impatiens oppositifolia kaas

22. Impatiens oppositifolia.

Smithia hirsute carpet kaas

24. Smithia hirsute carpet.

kaas landscape pink

25. The Patches of green and pink.

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