Jallikattu - The Bull Taming Festival of Tamilnadu

The Jallikattu Event is a Bull Taming festival celebrated across south of Tamilnadu mainly near Madurai villages.
With the onset of animal lover groups and international media, this event is normally conducted under the watchful eyes of police, veterinary and media. But, still few villages do not follow the regulations and safety for bulls and humans as well is compromised.
The event at Palaimedu was such. While at Allangnallur, it was safely conducted.
The bull tamers has to control the bull and traverse with it for some distance and leave it to grab the prize. If the no one can control the bull, the prize goes to the bull-owner.

46. The faster and smarter only can hold on.

47. The bull having blue powder showered on him by the owner takes on to th tamer.

48. The bull taking over all the tamers and running past ahead.

49. The bull leaving behind a trail of failed tamers while running awat to glory with the prize for its owner.

50. The bull and its tamers.

51. The tamers in two minds and with torn shirt to catch the bull.

52. The bull taking over the tamers.

53. The angry bull doing all it can to get off the tamer which is still holding onto the hump of the bull.

54. The bull gives a final chance.

55. An bull running ahead and the tamer still holding onto it but losing his burmuda ;-) .

56. The bull with its scattered petals of the garland it has. Can they hold onto this one?

57. The tamer getting trapped in between the legs.

58. The tamers using the dust to control the angry bull.

59. The bull tamers had to find a safe place before this bull turned the heat on them.

60. The bull owner puts a rope in the neck of the bull to prevent it from hitting onto the tamer.

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