Jallikattu - The Bull Taming Festival of Tamilnadu

The Jallikattu Event is a Bull Taming festival celebrated across south of Tamilnadu mainly near Madurai villages.
With the onset of animal lover groups and international media, this event is normally conducted under the watchful eyes of police, veterinary and media. But, still few villages do not follow the regulations and safety for bulls and humans as well is compromised.
The event at Palaimedu was such. While at Allangnallur, it was safely conducted.
The bull tamers has to control the bull and traverse with it for some distance and leave it to grab the prize. If the no one can control the bull, the prize goes to the bull-owner.

31. As soon as the bull comes out of the palm tree barks, it is attacked by the eager bull tamers. Some trying to hold at horns, some at hump, some tail.

32. The bull owners put lot of powder and color on the bull so as it gets slipped while bull tamers try to hold it and to maximize their chances of winning prize.

33. Who will hold on to the bull out of two. The bull though tries hard to escape from both persons hands.

34. The bull fighting it hard and running away from everyones hands and still one person running hard behind it to get hold of it.

35. The bull just shoots ahead like a bullet out of a gun.

36. The bull tamers working hard to control the bull and hold onto it.

37. The bull has some other ideas where it tossed one bull-tamer and then challenged the rest to come nearby it.

38. The bull stops running and gets angry. It shows its anger and then challenges in this way to the tamers and runs towards them again. This time, everyone runs away from the bull.

39. The head on challenge between the bull and its tamer.

40. The successful tamer has to travel with the bull for some distance and once the bull gains the speed has to dislodge himself which sometimes is hurtful act.

41. The bull takes over the tamer and turns him upside down. The rest thinking still about approaching the bull somehow.

42. The horny bull and lucky escape of the tamer. Imagine that horn piercing in the stomach of the person. The bull has deliberately avoided it for sure.

43. The bull running over a tamer and another tamer still holding onto it.

44. The tamer just got a air-lift by the bull and other tamer is just angering the bull by pulling its tail.

45. The race to catch over the bull.

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