Jallikattu - The Bull Taming Festival of Tamilnadu

The Jallikattu Event is a Bull Taming festival celebrated across south of Tamilnadu mainly near Madurai villages.
With the onset of animal lover groups and international media, this event is normally conducted under the watchful eyes of police, veterinary and media. But, still few villages do not follow the regulations and safety for bulls and humans as well is compromised.
The event at Palaimedu was such. While at Allangnallur, it was safely conducted.
The bull tamers has to control the bull and traverse with it for some distance and leave it to grab the prize. If the no one can control the bull, the prize goes to the bull-owner.

16. The bull running around and the crowd not getting scared by its attacking stand.

17. The railings were all broken by the crowd and madly running bulls. The people got hold of the poles to try to control the madly running bull.

18. The police soon realised the mad crowd making havoc along the bull's way and pitched in to control them and making them run away from bull's path way.

19. The crwod started pelting stones at the police and police swung into action of revenge now running over the crowd and pushing them back.

police and public

20. The crowd was pushed back and those resisted or were slow got a hit like this.

21. The bull owners run behind bull to stop it and will have these ropes with them to make them forceully stop and control them.

bull and man

22. A person from the crowd trying to put up the dust and sand into the eyes of the bull so as to control it.

23. The courageous person trying to take on the bull head-on at palaimedu.

24. The official bull tamers waving their hands as Alagiri (Cabinet minister from Madurai) arrived at the start of the event at Allanganallur.

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25. Only one person can be adjudged as the winner. So, when one person gets hold of the hump of the bull, rest of the people just leave it.

26. The bull is as soon as enter from between the two palm tree barks, it started running as fast as possible so as to not get caught by the bull tam ers. The bull-owner will be winner in this case.

27. The bull taking over the tamers, rest watching.

28. The bull tamed by two people. One has to leave it so that the other tamer gets the prize.

29. The bull tamer has to travel a specific distance with the bull so as to be eligible for the prize.

30. The bull is taken over by the bull tamer.

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