Sarpass Trek - Himalayan Landscapes

These are the pictures I have taken in my trip to Himachal Pradesh for a sarpass trek with YHAI.
The base camp was located at 6800ft near Kullu in a village called as Kasol.
The sarpass was at 13,800 ft to be done in 7 days trek. The trek was completed successfully. Below images would try to showcase the beauty that might himalaya beholds !


1. The parvati river was flowing just beside the base camp.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm, ND6 filter.


2. The parvati river near the Manikaran flowing through the mistful valleys.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm, ND6 filter.

ice peak

3. The snow-filled peaks as seen from the base camp. The excessive snow-fall just before the trek had us in trouble and trek was delayed by a day.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 300mm, with 1.4 TC.


4. The peaks seen from our padri camp.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm.


5. The tree leaned from the hill against a backdrop of a snow and mist filled valley.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 300mm with 1.4 TC.


6. forest and mountains.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm.


7. A small stream from glaciers is coming down the hill over the dead bed of ice and flowing under it after that.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm with CPL.


8. The clouds gathered in the sky and opened up on the hills in front of us. the light from setting sun was lighting the hill tops in between.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm.

ice bed

9. The ice deposits on the hill top and snowy mountains in distance.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm.


10. The mountain peaks and trees in evening light.
Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105mm.

Do not forget to write about how you liked them below. Thanks for the time spent here.